2020 Greater Flint Youth Hall of Fame Inducts 3 New Members

Alexis Roof, Brandon Kreiner & Justice Schihl Inducted in HOF

Despite the cancellation of everything bowling related, the Greater Flint Youth Hall of Fame decided to go on with the selection of members of the Class of 2020, although they will not be recognized at a banquet this year, they are still being inducted and will each receive a $250 scholarship and have their names associated with Greater Flint bowling forever. This year the Hall of Fame only received a handful of nominations and less than 10 applications were returned to choose from but the independent committee still chose a stellar class of bowlers to enter the Youth Hall of Fame for 2020. The 3 inductees will be invited to the youth banquet in 2020 with their families to celebrate their induction. Here are the inductees for 2020:

Brandon Kreiner

Brandon Kreiner – former Davison High School Bowler

Some of Brandon’s accomplishments in bowling include:

  • 2015- Earned 3 Merit Awards
  • City Tournament Champion 5 times in multiple events, including City Doubles
  • Greater Flint All City Team 2 times
  • Won an Eagle award by taking 1st Place in the 2015 Youth Open Championship in the U15 Division
  • Qualified for the State Individual Finals all four years of high school
  • Team qualified for State Finals all four years of high school
  • Team finished as State Runner Up in 2018
  • 2017- Named 1st Team All State
  • 2018- Named to the Detroit Free Press Dream Team
  • Competed at Junior Gold since 20152019- Finished 25th in Junior Gold

Career Highs

  • Highest Average 213
  • Highest Series 782
  • Highest Game 299

Bowling Service

During his time with the Flint bowling community, Brandon worked at back to school events promoting the bowling program and created a bowling tutorial for his senior exit project. However, his biggest contribution to the sport is the time he spent on the lanes mentoring and working with others. Talking about the lane patterns, how the ball is reacting, and what the player can do to improve their game develops a better understanding of the sport. Not only has he mentored peers throughout the years, he has also spent time working with younger students entering the high school bowling program. When people learn these concepts, they are more likely to make bowling a part of their life and enjoy the sport.

What it would mean to be inducted into the Greater Flint Area Youth Hall of Fame:

Day after day and week after week, I could be found at one of the local bowling centers spending countless hours practicing, competing, mentoring others, socializing, and trying to improve my own bowling skills. Since a young age, bowling has been a very important part of my life. Being inducted into the Greater Flint Youth Bowling Hall of Fame would mean that my hard work and efforts have paid off and have been recognized by others.To me, bowling is much more than a score on the monitor. It is developing lifelong friendships, being part of a supportive community, and having fun. When I became a bowler, I gained another family. My bowling family has been there for me in various ways. They have taught me patience, good sportsmanship, and they have been there for me on and off of the lanes. Being inducted into the Greater Flint Area Hall of Fame would be a distinguished honor.

Alexis Roof

Alexis Roof – former Kearsley High School Bowler

Some of Alexis Roof’s Accomplishments:

  • 2008-All City Team
  • 2009-All City Team
  • 2010- All City Team Captain
  • 2011-All City Team
  • 2012-All City Team
  • 2010- City Tournament All Events Champion
  • City Tournament Grade Scholarship – 3rd place
  • 2016- Team Metro Conference Champions
  • 2016- Team State Champions
  • 2017- Team Metro Conference Champions
  • 2017- Team Regional Champions
  • 2017- Finished 2nd place in Regional Singles
  • 2017- Team State Champions
  • 2017- Named 1st Team All State
  • 2018- Team Metro Conference Champions
  • 2018- Team Regional Champions
  • 2018- Finished 3rd in Regional Singles
  • 2018 Team State Champions
  • 2018- Named 1st Team All State
  • 2019- Team Metro Conference Champions
  • 2019- Regional Team Champions
  • 2019- Team State Champions
  • Only 1 of 3 girls in the history of Kearsley High School to have won 4 State Championships during their high school career

Career Highs

  • 216 High Average
  • 680 High Series
  • 299 High Game

What it would mean to be inducted into the Hall of Fame

To be inducted into the hall of fame would be an honor to be recognized for the time and dedication that I have put into this sport. Bowling has been a part of my life since I can remember. Throughout my bowling career I have had the opportunity to meet many great people and create lifetime friendships that I wouldn’t have without bowling. Receiving this induction would further my appreciation for the community that I have been lucky to be raised in.

Justice Schihl

Justice Schihl – Former Lapeer East High School Bowler

Some of Justice’s Accomplishments:

  • 2011-First female and youth bowler to ever bowler a 300 game at Gerlach’s
  • 2010, 2011, 2012-Qualified for State Finals in Singles for MHSAA
  • 2012 Won Regional Singles title in Saginaw
  • Named All City 1st Team
  • Named All City 2nd Team
  • Named All City 3rd Team
  • Won Greater Flint Youth City Single title
  • Won Greater Flint Youth City Doubles 2 times

Career Highs

  • 190 High Average
  • 701 High Series
  • 300 High Game

What it would mean to be inducted into the Hall of Fame

To be inducted into the Hall of Fame would mean a great deal to me. I spent my whole life in the bowling alley doing everything I could to be one of the best bowlers I could be. I have gained friends, mentors and coaches from this sport. I have learned dedication, motivation and hard work from this sport. Bowling is a major part of my life and was a major part of my high school career. I love this sport and the love and dedication I have shown would be returned if I am inducted into the hall of fame.

Final Thoughts

Although the Global Pandemic puts a damper on this year’s Greater Flint Youth Hall of Fame, we were not going to let it put a stop to us naming kids who deserved to be recognized. These 3 youth bowlers did some outstanding things as youth bowlers in Greater Flint and they deserve to be honored. Each will be recognized at the Youth Banquet in 2021. Congratulations to all 3!

Updated: August 16, 2020 — 2:51 pm