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 Tournament is Chelsey Fortier, a 4th grader from

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New this year ... Instead of having three bowlers roll
out the first ball in the City Tournament Opening


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Ceremony is at the conclusion of the Tournament each


2014 Invitational Form bowler who participated will have their name put in a drawing


Youth Hall of Fame Nomination Form for the free bowling ball donated by each of the Host Centers.


  (Thank you Gerlach's, B's and Grand Blanc Lanes for donating bowling balls!)

Team Event - Hannah Ploof (10th grade from B's Bowling)     Doubles & Singles -Adam VanBuren (6th grade from Holly Meadows in Capac)







Tournament Entries

Tournament Champions- Mixed Doubles

2013 Mixed Doubles Entry

Mixed 2005-2006

2013 City Tournament Rules


Mixed 2006-2007

2013 City Tournament Cover

Congratulations Morgan Stephen - 704 series in City Tournament at B's Bowling - 1st 700 series

Congratulations John Cryderman - 300 Game in City Tournament at B's Bowling -1st 300

Mixed 2007-2008

2014 City Tournament D&S Entry

Mixed 2008-2009

2014 City Tournament Team Entry

Mixed 2009-2010

Congratulations Jordan Nunn - 300 Game in City Tournament at B's Bowling

Congratulations Taylor Davis - 729 series in City Tournament at B's Bowling

Mixed 2010-2011

Mixed 2011-2012

Mixed 2012-2013

Mixed 2013-2014


City Tournament Results - Now Available!

City Tournament Results - Team, S & D

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